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29/05/2017 Comments

10 Genius Gifts for Your Dog This Valentine’s Day

Whether they’re Chihuahuas, bulldogs, or German shepherds, dogs have big personalities! And every dog has quarks. Some dogs are finicky and particular and snub their nose at toys they are “guaranteed” to love. Others turn those toys into pieces before the toys even hit the floor. Here are 10 genius canine Valentine’s Day gifts that are out of the ordinary enough they might match your dog’s peccadillos!

1. Doggy Life Jacket

Getting most dogs to take a dip when it is hot outside usually isn’t a problem. The problem is getting the dog out of the water. Many dogs love swimming so much that they will exhaust themselves. A doggy life jacket gives you peace of mind that even if your dog won’t rest, there is no danger.

2. Fetch and Glow Ball

If you have any kind of dog that is a maniacal about fetch, then you know what a chore your dog can be when you throw the ball at night and it can’t be found. And there goes the flower bed, the sapling clinging to life by a string and a stake, the potted plants…as your dog searches frantically for its ball. Save the yard and your sanity with a ball your fetch fanatic can find in the dark.

3. GPS Collar

Some dogs are travelers at heart. They want to hit the open road and see where life takes them. The second the leash comes of, you are a forgotten memory from the past — right up until dinner time. Your dog only wants to get lost temporarily. With a GPS collar, you can track your dog down and save the day.

4. Doggy Goggles

Few and far between are dogs who don’t love their lips flapping in the wind and Jackson Pollock-ing the side of your car with drool at 35 mph. But if you want your dogs to be able to enjoy some higher speeds without their eyelids peeling back over their ears, they need doggy goggles. It’s the little things — like hanging their head out the car window — that mean the most to a dog.

5. Pet Sweep

If there is a genius canine Valentine’s Day gift on this list, it’s pet sweep. Why should you have to collect the dust and pet debris your dog tracks in and sheds? Pet Sweep doggy slippers put your best friend to work cleaning up its own mess.

6. Poochlight Leashes and Collars

Midnight strolls are fun and exciting, but while you may be easy to see, your dog isn’t always. With Poochlight leashes and collars, your dog is visible to bike riders, drivers and just about anyone else approaching you.

7. Slow Feeder

If you have a puppy that makes food disappear the moment it reaches the bowl, a slow feeder forces a pup to slow down and eat like an adult.

8. Camping Tent

If your dog has ever wedged its way into your sleeping bag at 2 a.m., you understand that once he gets his head in your sleeping bag, there is little you can do. Avoid the hassle and get your dog a tent.

9. Winga!

Winga is a clay pigeon tosser for dogs! Double the distance you can toss during fetch!

10. Bone Meal

Every dog loves the taste of bone meal, which you can pick up at any pet store.