Services and Pricing

Day care, grooming and overnight boarding. A small price for a big difference in your dog’s life. No membership fees or set schedules.

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Services and Pricing: Cincinnati Doggie Day Care, Grooming and Boarding

Day Care

Our facility is cage-free, completely interactive and features a huge playroom and a large, secure fenced-in backyard. Since our campers can come and go as they please, housebreaking is not interrupted.

First Time Evaluation Visit full day of play, complimentary bath $26
1-2 Visits Per Week each visit is $26 -50% off 2nd Dog
1-2 Visits Per Week -10 Day Package Deal for one dog $234 ($23.40/day) – $364 for 2 dogs.
3-4 Visits Per Week each visit is $23 -50% off 2nd Dog 
3-4 Visits Per Week -12 Day Package Deal for one dog $248 ($20.60/day) – $386 for 2 dogs.
5 Visits Per Week each visit is $22 – 50% off 2nd Dog
5 Visits Per Week -20 Day Package Deal for one dog $396 ($19.80/day) – $616 for 2 dogs. 
Half Day each half day visit up to five hours is $19



Parents are always welcome to use Puppy Camp’s bathing stations and supplies, free of charge. If you would like the Puppy Camp staff to give your camper some extra TLC, we do offer grooming services. Please let us know when you drop your pup off for daycare if you need any of the following services:

Bath and Blow Dry   depending on size and coat  $20 – $30
Nail Trim    using a dremel rotary tool for a smooth finish  $10 – $15

Anal Gland Expansion    $10
Teeth Cleaning    featuring regular and chicken flavors $7
Ear Cleaning    using a medicated cleanser  $5

Overnight Boarding

If you could design the ideal boarding situation for your beloved pooch, wouldn’t it include a day spent playing with all their friends, and then, a night with a few select buddies in a real, clean home, where they can eat out of their own bowl and run in and out through a doggie door to a secured, fenced-in backyard? Afterwards, they can sleep on a futon, a heated dog bed, or if they need more attention, in a bed with someone who loves them as much as you do? This is what OUR ideal situation is for our own dogs, so this is what we do for our campers.

For Regular Campers    Per day/night $35-$40

To schedule boarding, please give us a call at (513) 221-7877 and ask for Susan. All overnight care includes their days at Puppy Camp with no extra charges for play time or special attention!