Meet the Staff

Meet the Puppy Camp Day Care Counselors and Overnight Boarding Staff


Jim Turner


Jim is co-owner of Puppy Camp. Jim is married and has 3 children. He has worked in the music industry for years. He wanted to be a vet but didn’t want to spend 12 years in school, so this is the next best thing. (Plus no need for chemistry class).

My parents never let me have a dog.


Susan and Jon Woodcock

​Co-Owner and Counselor

Susan (photographed) is co-owner of Puppy Camp, and also one of our overnight hosts. She is responsible for its start. She has over 30 years of experience as a veterinary assistant, and still works at Pleasant Ridge Pet Hospital on weekends. Jon is her husband, who works here part-time (but we don’t pay him). They have two grown children and have been married for 46 years! Their Son is a Veterinarian married to a veterinarian in PA.

Susan: It’s not easy being an alpha dog at 5’2″.
Jon: The dogs won’t believe me…I’m a cat person!



Stacy started at Puppy Camp in March 2014. For seven years she had been a kennel manager and supervisor in Chicago, Atlanta, & Cincinnati. She was also a trainer and she volunteered shelters. Stacy is a part of our Overnight Dog Sitting Group.

I’m have a strong passion for the well being of all animals!



Vince joined Puppy Camp in June 2015. He likes to build stuff, so he would like to be an engineer someday, maybe through the army. When Vince is here the dogs follow him everywhere. Vince is our main Housesitter.

I’m just a big animal person, dogs, cats, any animal!



Matthew started at Puppy Camp in October 2018.  He has worked at other dog day cares.  He likes to work, so he always has two jobs.  Matt has had lots of dogs his whole life.

Dogs are a family thing.



Ever since Destiny was a kid she wanted to work with animals. In her free-time she loves to do crafts with her son Braylon. She hopes to someday open her own rescue for animals in need.

I have a passion for animals and always wanted to work with dogs.



Sarah joined Puppy Camp in July 2018. Sara is a Vet Tech student at Cincy State and she’s a bartender in the evening so she only works for us 2 mornings a week. Her dream is to one day work at an exotic animal rescue.

I’ve always wanted to work with animals, ever since I was 4. My love for all dogs and furry creatures is something I was born with. “Everything I know I learned from dogs.” -Nora Roberts



Hannah joined Puppy Camp in October 2016. She has a strong love for dogs and would love to own her own Dog Day Care someday. Hannah is one of our Assistant Managers and part of our Overnight Dog Sitting group. When she started here, she only had 1 dog, now she has 3.

Dogs are more than just pets, they’re family. Family with really bad breath!



Winnie started in October 2020 (she’s our Covid hire). Winnie is now one of our Assistant Managers and part of our Overnight Dog Sitting group. Winnie loves all animals, but dogs are her favorite. She has had a lot of different jobs in her life, but what she really wants is to own a farm someday. Winnie has 4 dogs of her own.

I love working at Puppy Camp because it makes my dogs happy.



Sammie joined Puppy Camp in August 2021. Sammie is a Fashion Major, but not currently in school. When she’s not working at Puppy Camp she is working on at least 15 projects at once. In February 2022 she’ll start working as a “Ghost Tour Guide” it’s another big interest. She has 1 dog named Koda.

I have a lot of interests, but I’ve always loved dogs the most. They help me as much as I help them.



Sam joined Puppy Camp in September 2021. Sam has always had a love and connection with dogs. At 20 she finally got a dog of her own, his name is River. She loves bringing him to work and watching him play with other dogs. Sam hopes to continue a career working with dogs, possibly starting her own business.

Growing up I was that annoying kid always asking to pet your dog.



Curry joined us in December 2021. He is Winnie’s big brother. Curry was born and raised in Cincinnati. He loves working with his hands, anything, including cars. He also works for GoPuff, a delivery service. Curry loves being around all animals but, of course, dogs are his favorite. He has 1 dog of his own named Stella.

I love being around all the dogs, it’s like being away from reality for a brief moment.



Trinity joined us in July 2021. She is our youngest staff member. Trinity has a deep love for animals and plans on going to college to get a Bachelor’s degree in Ethology.

My dream is to own an animal rehab center.


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