Meet the Staff

Meet the Puppy Camp Day Care Counselors and Overnight Boarding Staff


Jim Turner


Jim is co-owner of Puppy Camp. Jim is married and has 3 children. He has worked in the music industry for years. He wanted to be a vet but didn’t want to spend 12 years in school, so this is the next best thing. (Plus no need for chemistry class).

My parents never let me have a dog.


Susan and Jon Woodcock

​Co-Owner and Counselor

Susan (photographed) is co-owner of Puppy Camp, and also one of our overnight hosts. She is responsible for its start. She has over 30 years of experience as a veterinary assistant, and still works at Pleasant Ridge Pet Hospital on weekends. Jon is her husband, who works here part-time (but we don’t pay him). They have two grown children and have been married for 42 years! Their Son is a Veterinarian married to a veterinarian in PA.

Susan: It’s not easy being an alpha dog at 5’2″.
Jon: The dogs won’t believe me…I’m a cat person!



Stacy started at Puppy Camp in March of 2014. For the past seven years, she has been a kennel manager and supervisor in Chicago, Atlanta & Cincinnati. She is also a trainer, and volunteers at shelters.

I’m have a strong passion for the well being of all animals!



Beckie started with us in December 2015. She has worked in grooming as a dog bather in the past. Now, she is aspiring to become a dog trainer and work in shelters, specializing in helping pit bulls.

I love to travel, but it’s great that the dogs keep me grounded!



Mark started at Puppy Camp in December 2016. He was a “Dog Handler/MP” in the Marines Corps. Mark also volunteered at the Elizabethtown, KY Shelter. He is retired now and continues to do volunteer work when he’s not at Puppy Camp. Mark recently acquired an “Emotional Support Puppy”. She’s a Jack Russel Terrier, appropriately named “Hope”.

I have a strong bond and love for dogs of all kinds.



Vince joined the Puppy Camp team in June of 2015. Vince and Nick, are brothers. Vince likes to build stuff. He would like to be an engineer someday, maybe through the army. When Vince is here the dogs follow him everywhere.

I’m just a big animal person, dogs, cats, any animal!



Nick has been on staff since January of 2014. He is our Assistant Manager. Nick is interested in a career in law enforcement. He plans to return to school shortly. When he is not at Puppy Camp, he spends his time with his own dogs and helping to take care of his baby niece.

What do dogs and law enforcement have in common? Keeping people safe, and…Nick.



Hanna joined the Puppy Camp Team in October 2016. She has a strong love for dogs and would someday love to own her own doggie day care. Hannah still lives at home with her parents and when she is not working at Puppy Camp she is working with her own dog “Sirius Black”.

Dogs are more then just pets, they’re family. Family with really bad breath!



Holly joined Puppy Camp in February 2017. She will graduate with an Associate’s degree in the fall/ Then she is interested in continuing her schooling in physical therapy for animals. Holly has 3 dogs of her own and her parents are not fond of the chaos that ensues. ​

I love all animals and trust them more than I do people. If my dog doesn’t trust you, than neither do I.



Panny has been working at Puppy Camp since March 2017. She worked on a farm for two years. She is going to school to become a paramedic. Panny has two dogs of her own and when she is not a work she likes to throw tennis balls with them.

Dog are a lot like working with horses, except they are smaller and a whole lot louder!


Coming Soon

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